Nissan 300ZX Z32 Gauge Cluster Repair and modification Service

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I am currently the only repair service in the USA for the Nissan 300ZX Z32 gauge cluster. I have many years experience with repairing the gauge clusters and also provide modifications for the gauge cluster. If you are interested in having a gauge cluster repaired or would like to talk about a possible problem with a gauge cluster, please contact me at any of the emails below.

Examples of common problems related to a bad gauge cluster.

* Inaccurate or nonoperational gauges.

* The speedometer gauge function is intermittent or does not work.

* The power steering is hard to turn (caused by a bad speedometer gauge).

* The RPM gauge function is intermittent or does not work.

* The temp, boost, oil PSI, or fuel gauge is either sticky or only reads half way.

* Lamps are intermittent or do not work.

* Odometer is intermittent or does not work.

* Gauge needles were removed to install aftermarket gauge faces and after replacement the gauges are now out of calibration. | |