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Version 2.5.1 (Tuning Edition)

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Software Version Updates and Info

09/05/2011 (09:15am)

1. Fixed a minor issue that could potentially throw off the grid display if a user was to click the map grid during ECU data download.


1. Added support for real time tuning using the Moates Ostrich.

2. Added enhanced BIN file editing capabilities.


1. Fixed a problem where when the software first starts it may be minimized.

2. Fixed the "Set Window Size and Position" option under "Options" in the menu bar. When clicking this option you will not see anything happen. What it does is it saves the main GUI window size (a size you may have scaled it to) and position on the desktop. This way, the next time the software is run the main GUI will appear as it did the last time it was used.


1. Important Update! If you have downloaded and installed version 2.0 before 08/02/2011 please redownload and reinstall it. I have corrected some bugs which were causing the data display bars to not display correctly. I have also improved the way in which the external sensor window reports it's condition to the main GUI window status bar. I have also improved the reporting of the RPM values by removing the ending decimal value that was sometimes displayed so that now it is a rounded number. Thank you for your support!


1. Fixed a bug where only one input was being read from the DLP-IO8-G interface when using the External Gauge Monitor.

2. (Important Info!) The External Gauge Monitor sensor number 1 is programmed to read either the stock fuel gauge or any other external gauge or device. To accurately track the stock fuel level when connceted to the stock fuel gauge in the gauge cluster, you must name sensor number 1 either "Fuel", "fuel" or "FUEL" (without the quotes). This will allow the value bar to display the remaining fuel level instead of an amount in direct proportion to the value in the text field below the value bar. This is to coincide with the way the stock fuel level signal is sent to the gauge cluster in that the higher the voltage signal the lower the fuel level exist.


1. Added support for external sensors using the DLP-IO8-G interface.

2. Added a dash (under view in the menu bar) to display a larger view of monitored sensors.

3. All available interfaces with their assigned comm ports are now displayed under Consult in the menu bar. This makes it easier to select which port is needed for connecting to the consult port..

4. When doubleclicking any of the eight sensor names in the External Sensor window, you can rename the sensor for your needs.



Corrected a problem in the current version 1.0.4 which may keep a needed file (MSComm32.ocx) from being installed on some Windows operating systems.



Version 1.0.4

Added saving the main window position. This is performed when clicking "Set Window Size and Position" under "Options" in the menubar.

Added the options for selecting which Windows Operating System is to be used when the software is first installed.

Added default voice settings when the software is first installed. This will help to insure that the voice will be turned on and a voice type will be selected so that the voice will be heard the first time the software is run.

Added which functions are available in the trial message window when the software is running in trial mode.



Version 1.0.3

Added selection to connect or disconnect from the consult port under "Consult Port" in the menu bar.

Added selection to turn on or off the voice monitor under "Voice Settings" in the menu bar.

Added selection to set the main window size under "Options" in the menu bar. When you resize the main window and click this selection, the size of the window will be remembered and set to this size the next time Nissan Data Voice starts.

Added the ability to easily set a default setting for any or all sensor colors . When Nissan Data Voice first starts and you click any sensor color selection under "Colors" in the menu bar, the background, start and end color options are set to a default color. Selecting "Ok" without changing the color selections will set the selected sensor to the colors shown. Clicking "Cancel" will not change the sensor colors.


Version 1.0.2

Corrected a problem where the voice may not be heard on Windows XP operating systems.



Version 1.0.1

Corrected a problem where if you clicked Cancel in the BIN File Downloader before starting a BIN file download the application would close.

Corrected a problem where the voice monitor would not announce the oxygen sensor readings.



Version 1.0.0

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